Housing, a very crucial point if we look into determinants of urban life. And much more it is the very private space of any individual, the place called home a place where many of us spend most of their lifetime. In central Europe, where I live, it is most commonly that we use our home only for our private affairs. But also here it seems to get more common to also work at home, at least to do some professional work from home t earn the necessary extra money.

Housing in central Europe is following to that a very mono-functional space, a place where we want to relax from the exhausting urban life, a place where we can make some food and we find the option for sanitation, finally  we have a bed to sleep in.

Housing can be more besides this small range of functions housing seems to provide for us, but that would mean to have less segregation between work and life. Is this segregation a luxury of our time?

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