Ma.Ad.Man. Urbanization

The Brick

Matters in urban planning
and the investigation of a tool
for urban development
with the invention of a utopia
and the design of an urban toy.
Authors comment: “A journey to a place called urbanity, everywhere and nowhere, we can call it UTOPIA, or a fantasy. But often it is the harsh reality that takes thoughts down to bitter facts. Cities are optimized towards technical standards. Often it is forgotten that this, the built-up structures are meant to be our place, the place where we live. There is loss of any human scale, with no traces of life left.”
This is an investigation of urbanity and utopia outside of the corset of regulations and limitations. Urbanity that is mobility, standardized to be individual, and finally made for a better understanding of urbanity.

Master’s Thesis
Gregor Doblinger

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